PETRO AKTIF (M) SDN BHD offers a range of both long- and short-term consultative Quality Control Services with focus on the following areas:

• Steel Fabrication and Welding Inspection (WI)
• Blasting, Painting and Coating Inspection
• Electrical and Instrumentation Inspection (E&I)
• Assets Integrity Inspection and Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
• Destructive Testing and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
• 2nd or 3rd Party Inspection or Client/ Vendor Representative
• Source Inspection and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
• Welding Procedures and Specification Development (WPS)
• Welder Qualification Test Facilities (WQT)
• Mechanical Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Inspection
• Electrical Instrumentation Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Inspection

Our Quality Control Inspector, Engineer and Coordinator offer efficiency at all levels on the job, enabling us to mobilize complete, fully operational teams at short notice for projects on any site. The investment PETRO AKTIF (M) SDN BHD make in our people and processes ensures that we can optimize client investment. By integrating the skills present in all areas of our business, we provide complete inspection solutions for today and for the future.

Inspections for tanks, pressure vessels, piping and steel infrastructure are generally conducted pursuant to American Petroleum Industry (API), American Welding Society (AWS) and American Society Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards. Additionally, API, AWS and ASME provides guidance in the form of recommended practices, technical publications and reports that cover each segment of the industry. Collectively, these materials represent the collective wisdom and best operating practices of the industry.

API’s, ASNT’s, BGAS’s, CSWIP’s, ICorr’s, JPK’s, NACE’s and PCN’s certification program qualifies personnel that, because of their industry experience, training and demonstrated expertise, are qualified to conduct periodic inspections and investigate abnormalities in the operation of covered equipment. PETRO AKTIF (M) SDN BHD provides API inspectors with extensive experience in refinery, natural gas, chemical and other operations.

Our Other Services